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Real Estate Wealth Expo 2019 San Mateo

These past two days I was at the Real Estate Wealth Expo in San Mateo.

I bought tickets about a month ago because a buddy of mine was planning to attend, and he invited me to join him. This was the ad he sent me:

Normally, this is not something that I would have bought tickets for.

  • Change your life forever? In 2 days? Yea… right.
  • 90% sold out? 80% discount? Yea… I’ve seen this marketing technique before.
  • Cash and Prizes? Yea… after you take all my info so you can spam me.

But because this is the year I do things I normally wouldn’t do, I just bought the tickets and put in on my calendar. I had some things planned on the second day, so my plan was only to go for the first day. Only $69 dollars for VIP anyway, how good could it be?

The morning of the event, I just did not want to get out of bed. I stayed in bed as long as I could to still get there on time. While I was getting ready, I did a quick GoogIe search for “Real Estate Wealth Expo” and clicked on the link that I knew would give me a reason to get back into bed:

Can you guess which one it was?

“Oh no, it’s going to be one of those things,” I thought.

As I skimmed through the article, which was mostly Twitter posts she sent while at the Expo – means she probably was on her phone most of the time, two things stood out.


I agree. It sounded too good to be true that I found such a compelling argument by a popular Internet wealth influencer to get back into bed.


Not something I expected to see in the comments. If it is a pyramid scheme, I better go check it out and report back. I wouldn’t want anyone to get wrapped up in a pyramid scheme.

I got myself ready, threw my water bottle and notebook in my bag, and went out the door.

As I drove up to the parking lot, I saw the sign that put the price of parking at $20.

“Oh boy, what a con. They bring you here and then slap you with a parking fee!”

The guy in front of me driving into the parking lot made a quick escape through the bus entrance to make his exit to find free street parking. I wanted to follow suit. Fortunately, I felt defeated enough that I accepted that the TCO of the event had risen $109.

Also, it was about that time, and I didn’t want to be late.

So far, the intro may have made it seem like the following will be a critical review telling you not to attend this, or a similar type of event.

Far from it. It was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever experienced. Money well spent. After the first day, I cancelled everything so I could attend the second day. I couldn’t believe the tickets were only $69! I would not hesitate to go again, even if it’s all the same speakers.

I include my thoughts leading up to the event to give you perspective. If I had listened to any one of those thoughts telling me not to go, this article would not exist, and you would not be benefiting from it.

I’m acutely aware that I’ve been living my entire life with a negative mindset that has kept me from embracing all that this world has to offer, and so much of what I have been learning about myself in the past year was reinforced by the words coming out of the instructor’s mouths.

If nothing else, I want you to take this away from this post: If you have an opportunity to try something new, something that your friend invited you to, something that may sound too good to be true, something that requires you to make a sacrifice in another part of your life, something that makes your emotional shields go up: do it.

At worst, you’ll have a great story to tell.

This is not going to be a review of the event.

If you came here trying to decide whether it’s worth it to go, your answer is here:

It’s worth it.

You don’t even have to be in real estate to benefit from the event. Less than 20% of the speaker content was related to real estate.

This is going to be the things I learned and insights I gained from listening to people who were up on stage in front of thousands of people. There was so much value delivered. I didn’t capture everything, but I have done my best to give you as much as of the event as you can get without having attended.

A few notes to help you through the following material:

  • These are straight from my notes. They contain speaker quotes, general notes, and my own interpretations of things. Just because it’s listed under a person’s name does not mean it came from their mouth. And, just because it’s on this page, doesn’t mean that I agree with it. Like all things – let these words go in one eye and out the other.
  • Don’t pay much attention to the name of the speaker, what they’re about, or their claim to fame. Pay attention to how you react to what is said.
  • One point may not be related to the point directly above or below it.

Naveen Jain

The only way to predict the future is to create it.

There are a couple things we could do that would truly improve the state of the world in an instant:

  1. Share everything that you are doing with as many people as you can, all the time.
  2. Forget money. Our society has become obsessed with money to the point that most of us are completely addicted to money. It’s unhealthy
  3. Do something to help 1 million people. If it changes one life, great. Now, change 1 million.

5-Whys exercise I did on why I was afraid to share on social media:

Why don’t you share?
> Fear of what people will think and say

Why fear?
> Because I don’t want to burn bridges and lose friends

Why not?
> Because people will not want to give me opportunities if I say things they don’t like to hear

Why do you think that?
> My dad’s way of thinking. My dad taught me to tell people what they wanted to hear, even if it was a lie, because you want people to like you. He gets angry when I disagree with him or tell him things he doesn’t want to hear.

There’s the source. Forgive him for it so you can be free.

Grant Cardone

What was your childhood dream? The thing you wanted to prove to the world, your parents, your friends?

For me, it was that money does not make for a peaceful life. Growing up, I knew my family had plenty of money. It didn’t matter, there was still family drama, anger, and deceit. Lots of people believe that more money will solve all of their problems. But it wont.

HOWEVER: Money is just about the only thing the supermarket will take in exchange for groceries.

10X Rule

Think this way:

  • I am a business
  • My kids are a business
  • My household is a business

Want: Freedom
Not: Money, Investments, Retirement Accounts

Think about what things are going to do for you.
Great business Idea? What’s it gonna do for you?
You gotta help yourself before you help others, otherwise nobody’s getting helped.

Money Mindsets

The money you make is not yours. No such thing as your money.

I want you to get rich.
Get FU Money.

Acknowledge people when they do good, even if it’s in secret. Nobody’s getting hurt by an acknowledgement.

Get rid of poverty mindsets (see below)

Marketing & Sales

Get known.

Marketing 101: “HEY!”

Whatever you do, you need a lot of customers. You’re not going anywhere big with a small list.

Study companies, not people. Successful companies have this figured out.

Marketing rules:
1) Whoever spends most, wins most. Think Coke, McDonalds.
2) Brand yourself first
3) Money follows attention

Get rid of poverty mindsets. They are keeping you poor.

Poverty mindsetRich mindset
Eat all of your foodDon’t beat yourself up like your mother used to
Save for a rainy dayBecome recession proof
A penny saved is a penny earnedWhat? You had to earn the penny to save it
Don’t waste moneyYou already know you need to waste money
Spend less than you earnSpend more to earn more

You can have the greatest product or the worst product. Doesn’t matter if you have no attention. By looking at the Kardashians, we know that attention is way more important than having a good product.

I spent the first 50 years of my life suffering. Nobody knew I was suffering. But I did.

I was suffering because I was living below my potential.

You stop suffering when you reach your potential.

You reach your potential when you return to God.

Tony Robbins

Money makes you more of whatever you already are.

I’ve heard so many people say that and I know it to be true.

You gotta measure that which you want to improve.

Tony put on some music and asked us to jump up and down. It felt exactly like being at a rave. That’s when I realized: it can feel like a rave anywhere. It’s a state of mind.

You mood, your perspective, your whole state of being changes when you are energized. That thing you “feel” when you’re jumping up and down, don’t let it go when the music stops and you sit down.

Someone who waits until they have a certain amount of money to live the life they love.

ENEMY: Complexity

FRIEND: Momentum
(In the right direction)

There’s a flow to momentum that looks like this:

You start by seeing the potential to solve a problem. You get all excited about it, then take action to make something happen. Your concerted effort produces a result, which leads you to become more certain that what you’re doing is good for the world. You believe that your work can help more people, so the potential increases.

We do each of these things daily. We see a lot of problems that can be solved. We are put in situations that require action. We see the results of those actions. we believe that we can change something.

So what stops us from building any momentum?


Fear steps in at any point in the process and kills it. Grew a belief that you found something to help people? You may fear that it’s not going to help anyone else, or that you don’t have enough time to do more, or whatever else.

You might try to see if something works. When you try to do something, you’re coming at it from the perspective of expecting to fail. Either do, or do not. The result will let you know if it’s going to work.


There are three common questions that can arise at any point in the process and destroy the building of momentum.

>What am I going to focus on?

We lack intentional focus. We are often all over the place with our minds, having a million ideas for things to do that nothing gets our full attention. In writing this post, I’m guilty. I’ve checked my phone, social media, YouTube a number of times since I sat down to write.

If we don’t choose a focus, our brains will do whatever it can to make it feel like things are getting done. The world is always asking for our attention. It can occupy us with the mundane for eternity and beyond.

>What does this mean?

We have a tendency to look for meaning in everything that happens. We love symbolism. We want to have an answer for everything because we don’t like not knowing. We’re so good at BS-ing that we can come up with the wrong answer to a question and have people believe it for thousands of years.

Saying “I don’t know” is incredibly freeing. It’s often the honest answer to the question. It also requires that the ego be set aside.

>What are you going to do about it?

Especially when something negative happens, we ask this question of ourselves. We feel as if we aren’t capable of producing a positive outcome, so we can’t do anything about the things that happen to us: life happens to us.

Forget everything you’ve learned.

It’s no good.

LEVELS OF MASTERY of anything that you do.

  1. Cognitive Mastery – An intellectual understanding of what you’re doing. This is when you understand it yourself. Gained through repetition.
  2. Emotional Mastery – When you link up with what you’re doing emotionally. As in, you see the effect it has on another person.
  3. Physical Mastery – When you do it so consistently that basically no effort is needed; you can do it in your sleep. It has become part of your identity.

You have to grow into your self.

Quick check to see if you consider yourself a victim:

Why did you fail?


Most people choose A.
Most people are victims.

The antidote for victim mentality?

If you think about it, you are personally responsible for the state your life is in. Many people think their lives are in such a bad state that they wouldn’t dare claim responsibility. It’s much easier to blame something else for your problems.

A side note, I highly recommend this book on the topic.


  1. An ideal customer. Not your current customer; but IDEAL. Think about who would do well even in a poor economy?
  2. An irresistible offer. There should be no hesitation in the customer’s mind that they are going to benefit from your product or service. When they buy, over-deliver and make them clients for life.


In order to influence someone, you must know their existing influence.

There are two forces at work in every person:

  1. STATE, their moment-to-moment mood. Sad, happy, confused, angry, fearless, fearful.
  2. BLUEPRINT, their long-term plan of where the person believes they are going.

If you understand the person’s STATE and BLUEPRINT, you will understand any action he takes and behavior he exhibits.

Start by experiencing how your STATE influences your actions and behaviors.

This should be nothing new. You already influence your state in many ways: by drinking alcohol; watching a sad movie; going on a run. It was interesting to realize that I could change state by just jumping up and down, waving my arms around, and thinking a certain way.

Next, understand how your BLUEPRINT is influencing your life.

Most of us have a blueprint that looks something like this:

If you were given this blueprint, you were led to believe that you needed to have certain things in your life before you could truly enjoy every moment of it.

Even though this is an old, outdated blueprint proven to be incorrect — both by modern science and ancient philosophers — many people are still following this. Understand this and you realize (1) why you see so many miserable people all over the place and (2) why you feel empty inside even though you have all tho components for a happy life.

There is nothing that the world can give you to cause you to enjoy life.

The real blueprint for our life looks something like this:

We are blessed every day.

All that you need to enjoy life is already within you. It’s up to you to find it by shaking off the traumas that have you stuck following the outdated blueprint. You’ll begin to realize what your purpose is, and you’ll begin to walk on clouds. The perfect things for you will be added into your life as necessary.







It’s a science – that’s all it is. Here are the forces that go into this:

FOCUS – Absolute clarity and commitment
With a concrete focus, your mind locks on to anything that will help you achieve it.
Example when you have your mind set on buying a certain car, you start seeing it on the street way more often.
If the focus is strong enough, it’ll happen no matter what.

MASSIVE ACTION – with massive emotion
There’s a feeling that goes into everything. If you believe in what you’re doing, you’ll lead others into believing in what you’re doing.
Have you ever tried selling something you don’t believe in yourself?

I didn’t get any notes for this one.


There is nothing worse that achieving your goal, looking around, and saying, “really? That’s all?” You may never want to set another goal again.

Success without fulfillment is the Ultimate Failure

Technically Screwed -   /ˈteknək(ə)lē skro͞od/ 
The state achieved by reaching your goal and it's not what you expected and you don't really want it.

The way to avoid this is to set a goal that, when you make progress on it, gives you happiness. If each step along the way makes you miserable, the outcome will also make you miserable. Reaching the outcome is simply the final step in the progression.

Everyone’s life is either a WARNING or an EXAMPLE


  1. Decide not to suffer and live in a beautiful state no matter what. Yes, it sounds like a gimmick, but you have to find your own why.
    You could say, “Life is too short to suffer” or “We are blessed everyday”
  2. Anticipate what will bring suffering. Get to know yourself.
    For example, you find that you typically get overreact and get angry when you can’t find your wallet or keys and are rushing to get out the door.
  3. Decide what you’re going to do instead. It’s no big deal.
    Like, instead of getting angry, play a game of Find the Missing Items. You need to find your stuff before you leave, so why not have fun with it instead? It’s all about your perspective. Change your perspective. Trade EXPECTATIONS for APPRECIATION.
You see what you want to see

Part 2 Coming soon…


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